PROFESSIONAL REBEL℠ is a consultancy and coaching company focused on building partnerships that enable both personal and professional growth by focusing on elevating one’s mindset and ways of thinking.  

By partnering with PROFESSIONAL REBEL℠, we will build a safe, laid-back partnership that enables you or your organization to navigate some of the many things that we are faced with day in and day out. You’ll learn to do so by embracing the PROFESSIONAL REBEL℠ model which will gently push you or your organization to get a bit uncomfortable and stretch your current ways of thinking in order to realize the potential that often sits buried underneath. 

As an underrepresented individual, you may be struggling to embrace your authentic self or navigating being the ‘only’ within your organization – I got your back! 

As an organization, you may need guidance in doing the real work to create cultures of belonging- I got your back!

Let’s connect and discuss how to get you or your organization to higher levels of thinking. 

Are you ready to rebel? Reach out to learn more! 


Why PROFESSIONAL REBEL℠? Being a Professional Rebel is about defying any odds that may be against you, seeking to understand life from your own lens, defining your own terms of health and happiness, embracing your true self and so much more. It’s choosing to rise when others or even yourself whispers ‘sit’. It’s about doing you, embracing you and loving you no matter what society has to say! 

Professional Rebel