The Concept of Congruence

Author, Jim Stovall talks about the nature of congruence and the importance of this concept when it comes to one’s personal or professional success. He refers to congruence as the consistency and sincere, genuine understanding of ourselves both publicly and privately.  This concept is particularly interesting when you step back and go hmm- am I truly putting forth the physical and mental effort needed to accomplish the goals I have set for myself, or am I simply just talking in circles?

More often than not, we tend to set goals and sell ourselves short by not taking the necessary action to ensure our intentions align with what it is we are actually striving for. Jim refers to this as, ‘Telling yourself a lie and accepting it.” Reflect on this concept for a moment, and instead of judging yourself or anyone else, spend time thinking about how you could work to change the story you’re telling yourself today.

The idea is to start with small, short-term goals in order to build up the endurance needed to carry out larger, long-term goals. Once momentum is on your side, the thought of success will slowly begin to become a reality.

“As you go through your day today, say what you’re going to do, but do what you say.”

– Jim Stovall 


Author: Lauren Ashley

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