What’s Behind Workplace Burnout?

A recent article from the HBR discusses the concept of ‘burnout‘ and seeks to confirm that workplace burnout is about the actual work environment and not the person or group of people expressing the fact that they are simply ‘burned out.’

This may come as a surprise as burnout has traditionally been attributed to the person who seeks to express their discomfort, and I myself have struggled with a continuous mental fog due to the stresses of a company’s environment.

The article further goes on to discuss Christina Maslach who’s known as a leading expert in this area and argues against the previous point of view. Instead, she encourages leaders to look within and start asking questions such as, what’s making my staff so unhealthy?

Dive deeper into the full article HERE as it goes on to explain the difference between ‘Motivators vs. Hygiene Factors’ while providing actionable tips on how to address this phenomenon within the workplace.

Author: Lauren Ashley

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