Exploring Dry January – Are you down for the cause?

The feeling you get after a long, nerve-wrecking day and that glass of cab or let’s say a margarita is calling your name…yes, I feel you! 

For many, drinking provides a sense of relief or simply sends you into a chill vibe that enables relaxation. Of course, it’s been proven that alcohol tends to tickle certain neural pathways in the brain thus releasing those feel good endorphins. So, it’s no wonder why it’s usually at the center of a social gathering or our kitchen cabinet.

Despite the stigmas that may tag along when it comes to alcohol consumption, I strongly believe it’s about understanding our “why” behind our drinking choices. Sure, it’s easy to just grab that glass of wine as I described earlier; however, if we seek to be curious (not judgmental) about our choices, we begin to move into mindful decision making. We discover that perhaps, what our bodies really need is a walk or a long shower or maybe we need to have that difficult conversation we’ve been burying our face in the pillow trying to avoid. Instead, we turn to having a drink or other coping mechanisms. 

My goal is not to drive the stigma of alcohol deeper as in moderation I don’t see the issue with enjoying it. I simply want to encourage you to take a moment the next time you’ve had a rocky day and decide to turn to your alcohol beverage of choice on auto-pilot to pause, take a deep breath and understand your “why”. 

I invite you to join me for a mindful exploration as we move into what has come to be known as Dry January. 

Author: Lauren Ashley

What's up, I'm Lauren!

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