A Few Thoughts on ‘Privilege’

I recently came across a really cute and very thought-provoking video that discusses privilege. I’m sure it’s hard to believe that these two words could be paired together, but it’s spot on.

In short, privilege is societally granted, unearned advantages accorded to some people and not others.  This could be things such as being able-bodied, growing up in an affluent neighborhood or being a straight, white male. This topic is nothing new in the many discussions surrounding Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging and can be traced back to WEB DuBois concept of ‘psychological wage’ in which he described how poor whites felt they outranked poor blacks. Peggy White then expanded on this very concept when she published ‘White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.’

The video, ‘Sometimes You’re a caterpillar’ by Chescaleigh goes on to further explain how privilege can show up in the most unexpected ways. I invite you to check it out and to also dive deeper into the concept itself!


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