A Piece of Peace

When 2020 arrived, it was full of hope, joy, new beginnings and a new era, and I’m sure no one thought it would bring about these tumultuous times.

Isn’t it funny? Life that is.

Life was never supposed to be the perfect hand that was automatically dealt to any of us, and once again, in all of its splendor, it’s demonstrated this to each and every being on this planet. Despite how bleak the current situation may be for many, we were presented with a reminder that brought us back to what I think are the little things that actually matter.

Things such as: Love, patience, stillness, family, health and fresh air! Imagine that. The things that we may have forgotten about or taken for granted by being so caught up in the continuous flow of the ‘go go go’ or unconscious mindset, but no matter how things may appear on the surface, buried beneath, we can find peace and limitless possibilities for joy.



Author: Lauren Ashley

What's up, I'm Lauren!

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