This is for my people

HR & DEI professionals, chances are, you are exhausted. As if the pandemic didn’t add a new layer of complexity to your already full plate, you have been sprinting in what should be a marathon to keep things from falling through the cracks and/or breaking down while working to effect change. 

People don’t often see or notice how the work you do ‘behind the scenes’ works to influence and ensure an organization’s stability. Sure, some will say you are not directly generating revenue for an organization, but trust and believe the work you are doing, day-to-day, is helping organizations to ‘secure the bag’ aka generate revenue.

From fostering talent management and professional development strategies to recruiting to ensuring a culture of equity (and this is just a few), you are directly taking part in ‘securing the bag’ for an organization. 

So, when the going gets tough and the feeling of overwhelming exhaustion comes over you, give yourself permission to feel it and then make a mental note that your work matters because you matter. In fact, affirm it out loud! 

Say, “My work matters because I matter.” 

And…in the words of Drake, “they don’t have no award for that” so here’s your trophy – you got this! 

Note: If you’re dealing with chronic exhaustion or feeling a sense of overwhelm that you can’t handle alone, please seek professional guidance. 

Author: Lauren Ashley

What's up, I'm Lauren!

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