Lessons in leadership

Whether it’s leading a team, being a spouse or just living life, I’ve come to learn that there is a lesson, a knowing in every situation – easy or challenging. Let’s focus on the challenging because the easy part would be just that. These challenging moments provide us with an opportunity to rise above the limiting thoughts, beliefs or emotions that attempt to consume our minds.

It’s often easy to deflect that which we aren’t aware of, but the opportunity presents itself, once again, to face the moment and pivot into a new way of thinking. This, in turn, influences the corresponding action. In other words, we can change how we view and act in those challenging moments.

That my friends is where resilience comes in. The ability to face challenge after challenge and still rise. It’s not just a matter of doing something considered to be grand but a matter of taking a deep breath and starting again. It’s being willing to look within, being willing to try once more even though you’ve previously failed or being willing to face a blind spot that’s now been illuminated.

Everyone has experienced a challenge of some sort, and if you find yourself being seen as a leader or holding that position, you can feel what I’m saying. Just know this – it’s all good. You can lean into that challenge and choose to elevate your thinking for you if for no one else. In doing so, the lesson and knowing will unveil itself. The question is, are you willing to pay attention?