Types of Managers: Which are you?

Photo credit: refineryleadership.com

The micromanager:

  • Dictator
  • ‘Talks at’ people 
  • Concerned with every little thing an employee does like why they chew trident gum 
  • Has to be cc’d on every email 
  • Attention seeker 
  • Like to take the credit for team projects 
  • Likes things done your way or no way 
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The ‘out of touch’ manager: 

  • Oblivious to the work your employees are doing
  • Oblivious to your own responsibilities 
  • Lacks emotional self-awareness 
  • Offers zero to very little career guidance or development feedback
  • Disengaged
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The collaborative partner aka Leader:

  • Active listener 
  • Self aware 
  • Strong sense of emotional and social intelligence 
  • Believes in the power of teamwork 
  • Actively involved in your employees personal and professional growth 
  • Mentor and coach 
  • Values partnership
  • Open to new ideas/perspectives
  • Overall positive outlook and attitude about life