How To Do You Pt. 1 (Replay)

I believe the art of imperfection is the human being; however, there is power in this imperfection that can ultimately shape our authentic selves. My recent workshop entitled, ‘How To Do You Pt. 1 (A guide to reclaiming your truth)’ focused on learning and working to understand how to do just that – reclaim your truth so you can ultimately ‘do you aka be your authentic self’.

During this workshop, we focused on three fundamental truths that I feel assist us with getting clear on who we are as we head down this truth journey.

  • Getting clear on your beliefs
  • Getting clear on your values
  • Understanding that no one or no-thing outside of you gets to determine how you feel about yourself on the inside (own you)

We also discussed some of the many tools that Micheal Hyatt offers up in his book, Free to Focus, while exploring the wisdom of Iyanla Vanzant.

My hope is that each of you finds the courage and confidence to reclaim your truth and walk in it with a knowing that no one can do you as well as you do!

My next workshop, How To Do You Pt. 2 (A guide to living in your truth) will be on Thursday, February 17th. Hope to see you there.