The Continuous Disparity for Women of Color

It’s no secret the disparities that women face within the workplace. To make matters worst, when we specifically focus on women of color, you tend to see a dip in not only representation as a whole but within mid to senior level positions.

The latest Women in the Workplace study provides some food for thought for organizations as diversity continues to be an issue for most. The study highlights that only 38% of companies set targets for gender representation and when this is not a priority, men tend to hold 62% of the management positions while women only hold 38%. To drill down even further, the study points out that only 1 out of 5 women are in the C-Suite and only 1 out of 25 is a woman of color.

What does this say for those women who are aspiring to take their careers to the next level? It sends the same message that women of color are viewed in a different light and not seen as equally ‘qualified’ to their white counterparts.

Women are encouraged to advocate for their growth and development; however, when we’re more of an after thought, the struggle can get real. A great first step would be to understand where things currently stand, so we can begin raising our voices for what’s not only right but better for business overall.

Let’s continue the conversation by diving deeper into the survey conducted by LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Co.