Hey there, I’m Lauren better known as ‘PROFESSIONAL REBEL℠’. As a Health Coach, travel bug and lover of all things food, I’m on journey seeking to explore life in an unconventional way. You can say I was never one to conform to the norms rather that be as professional in the corporate space rocking my big, curly hair to simply seeking to understand the teachings of the universe – not what was forced upon me. All and all, let’s call it a definite 180 from my midwestern roots. 

Along this journey, I’ve come to realize that it’s better to share the jewels, growing pains and any other cool guidance that may help shape everything from your principals and beliefs to the way you nourish your mind, body and soul. 

As founder of PROFESSIONAL REBEL℠, I have had the pleasure of infusing my passion with the wisdom I’ve gained over the years. PROFESSIONAL REBEL℠ is a consultancy company focused on providing Health & Wellness guidance within both your personal and professional life. I can also provide guidance in areas such as: Creating/Launching HR programs within start-ups, Diversity, Inclusion & Equity and Mental Health and Awareness.